The melancholic music of Rotterdam based artist Nana, touches the emotion. With a voice that reaches from deep sounding vocals till a high, vulnerable sound, she sings about the power of heartache and love itself. Nana brings this universal feeling from deep within her, in a mix of alternative pop with classical, cinematic influences. Think about Patrick Watson or Damien Rice.


Her EP MEUS x MEA is her debut as a solo artist. MEUS x MEA is an EP about love. While this might sound cliché, Nana’s approach is an honest and present-day one, about the way young people nowadays deal with love. She finds a lot of young people struggling with commitment issues, while being a true romantic herself. This EP is her ode to the beautiful and sad side of love.

It's her call for a little less thinking, and a little more loving. 

Nana discovered her voice when she was 15. On age 18 she decided to move to London to study music. Through open mic's she found her power to share her emotion with the audience. Back in Rotterdam, for her studies at the Conservatory, she won the public award of SENA Grote Prijs van Rotterdam 2016. In 2019 Nana toured in the UK and New York (where she played at Sofar Sounds NYC and many other venues), and performed at the Provincial Commemoration of Fallen Soldiers and Resistance Fighters in Brabant. 2020 is an exciting year to come with several tours in the UK and the Netherlands and focusing on creating new music.