Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter Nana M. Rose writes beautiful, intimate piano ballads, carried by her incredible, larger-than-life voice, described by Papercut Magazine as “Laura Marling-esque vocals guided by the impassioned soul of Jeff Buckley”. Her songs are reminiscent of Adele’s stirring style and have a dreamy, cinematic flair evocative of Lana del Rey. 


Nana’s songs reflect the search for ways to escape, to let go, and for ways to love herself for who she is. The raw, authentic emotion shakes the listeners to the core and simultaneously show them hope. As a child, Nana started playing the violin, the classical influence of which is still reflected in her carefully crafted melodies and arrangements. In combination with later inspirations like Adele, Lianne la Havas and Matt Corby, a unique pop-sound steeped in melancholy and weltschmerz has been born.

Nana discovered her voice when she was 15 and has shared her

Nana discovered her voice when she was 15 and has shared her incredible voice with audiences ever since. Aged 18 she spent 4 months in London, exploring the local music scene and gaining live experience. Through various open mics she discovered her ability to convey emotion to her audience. Back in Rotterdam, she went on to study pop vocals and songwriting at the renowned Codarts Conservatory and was rewarded SENA’s public award Grote Prijs van Rotterdam (Big Prize of Rotterdam) 2016. Her first EP MEUS x MEA followed in 2017.

In 2019, Nana M. Rose toured the UK and New York, and performed at the ‘Provincial Commemoration of Fallen Soldiers and Resistance Fighters’ in Brabant. 2020 is an exciting year with multiple performances in the UK and the Netherlands. Nana M. Rose's first single 'Love Me Like I Love You' will be followed up by more singles and a full EP in spring 2021.