Following the success of her heartfelt debut ‘Love Me Like I Love You’, November 27th sees Nana M. Rose release her second offering of 2020, suitably called ‘November’. This rousing, cinematic pop ballad filled with raw, heart-wrenching emotion showcases the Dutch singer-songwriter’s incredible vocal range, skillfully moving from deep, mournful tones to soaring highs.

Just like with ‘Love Me Like I Love You’, Nana M. Rose allows the listener into her very personal world of emotion. ​“I wrote November after someone very close to me was dealing with a big loss in their life”​, explains Nana. ​“When someone this close loses someone so dear, it is really hard to watch the pain and struggle without having any power to hand a solution. There is no solution.”

The song captures that feeling of despair and lack of control - something that everyone who’s dealt with the loss of a loved one will recognise all too well.​ “It is something that everybody will have to deal with in life, and that once you’ve experienced it, it stays with you, somewhere deep within.”

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Love Me Like I Love You

“Love Me Like I Love You” is the first single from Nana M. Rose’s upcoming EP. In the song, she challenges her need to be loved, to be the perfect girlfriend, daughter, sister, and even the perfect stranger - a self-imposed duty that made her feel like she was slowly losing touch with her authentic self. “Love Me Like I Love You” is a song about the pain and challenges of letting go and new-found hope in learning to accept yourself for who you truly are.

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